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  • Lawrence Kavulani


Summer is here, and I am already planning and organizing my closet and making sure that my wardrobe is ready for summer. One thing that I always put on and never leave the house without is a fragrance. I believe that smelling good and dressing well is a form of good manners especially on hot summer days where you tend to sweat a little more than in winter. Finding the perfect fragrance is hard and confusing because of the wide variety of brands on the market. I realized that most people wear the same brands and to be honest, there's nothing wrong with that but there is something special when you wear that one extraordinary scent that turns heads while strolling around the city. It makes you memorable right away.

My mission was to look for a brand that is exclusive but yet affordable. What I've learned is that expensive doesn't always mean the best and that is why I love buying affordable and non-affordable fragrances depending on the occasion and season. What I look for the most when buying a perfume is the concentration of the perfume like oil, alcohol, and water. The most known perfume is Eue de Perfume witch contains around about 15 - 20% pure perfume essence. A light spray can last for about five to eight hours. The most important party are the ingredients. Just keep in mind that all notes have to be in perfect harmony. Wearing the right scent makes a huge difference in how people perceive you as a person. I personally avoid perfumes that are stingy and dominant or purely made which could be very irritating for you as well as others. As I know myself, I always look out for well-made, rare, and special items, so I decided to search for a brand that offers an exclusive and unique collection of well-made perfumes. After testing a few brands, I still couldn't find the perfect summer fragrance since I realized that some brands smell similar but slightly different. While I was in Frankfurt for a weekend getaway, I magically happen to be at the Louis Vuitton store and I remembered that I got a few perfume samples after my last purchase in Munich. (Always kindly ask your sales associate for some samples!) What makes Louis Vuitton perfumes so special is that they're exclusively sold by the brand online and in stores.

The wonderful sales associate was kind enough to show me her personal favorites and the California-inspired fragrance collection by Master Perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud. After testing a few fragrances, my eyes automatically caught the Louis Vuitton On the Beach which I heard good reviews about. After trying it on, I couldn't stop thinking about it. For me, it was the perfect Eu de Perfume for summer with a refreshing blend of citrus, orange, thyme, and rosemary. I was in love!

After the sales associate told me that their perfumes are refillable, I was sold right away. All you need to do is take your empty perfume bottle to your nearest Louis Vuitton boutique where it will be refilled for you. The fragrance is never exposed to air and not a drop of it is compromised. What I like is that the bottles are refillable which is good for the environment.

As if it couldn't get any better, the lovely lady asked me if I wanted to engrave my initials on the bottle and I said yes! I was very excited.

I was very happy after I purchased my first Louis Vuitton perfume which was perfect for the night out dinner with my partner.

I highly recommend you to discover the California-inspired fragrance collection here.

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What is your favorite summer fragrance?

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